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Room for thought: arts funding during a fiscal crisis

posted by Karen McKevitt on Thu, Jan 27, 2011
in General theatre talk

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Ax Berkeley Rep is looped into the national (and international) conversation about the arts, arts education, arts policy, and more -- and we want to share with you stories we find especially thought-provoking.

The LA Times “Culture Monster” reports on the Republican Study Committee’s proposed Spending Reduction Act of 2011. While the article focuses on the proposed cuts of the arts, the Act actually proposes cuts in many sectors.

Read the article in the LA Times, check out the Reduction Act’s two-page summary (pdf), and if you’d like to read more, here’s more info on the entire proposal.

In related news, the Huffington Post published this article about newly elected Kansas governor Sam Brownback’s planned executive order to eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission. If he does so, Kansas will be the first U.S. state without an arts commission.

Do you think arts should be eliminated during a fiscal crisis? Tell us what you think!


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