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May 2009

The Zombie Chicken Awards

posted by Megan Wygant on Tue, May 26


You like us! You really like us!

OK, well, Chad Jones over at Theater Dogs likes us, which is totally awesome. is run by Chad Jones, who writes about the ins-and-outs and behind-the-scenes buisiness of theatre at many of our local papers. I also have it on good authority that he's an excellent bowler. One of my favorite things about Theater Dogs is that it really reflects the wealth of theatre taking place in the Bay Area --  whether it's an interview with a local playwright, a profile on a Bay Area comedy troupe (well, hello, Killing My Lobster!), or a carefully examined, thoughtful critique of the latest show on one of the Bay Area's numerous stages.

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All hail, Nero!

posted by Terence Keane on Fri, May 22

They love me! It's probably not wise to snicker at an emperor every night, but that's what we're doing here at Berkeley Rep. The reviews are out, and the critics have crowned a new comedic king: all hail You, Nero!

Here's what they have to say about our latest show:

  • "Two hours of almost uninterrupted delight... You can't help loving that despicably cute monster Nero. Not the way Danny Scheie personifies him in a tour de force of murderously comic, canny and catty derangement... Scheie rules the stage in leopard briefs, flipping in an instant from preening prima donna to bloody tyrant, charming artiste, cutting critic or sensitive egomaniac... Nero is a romp, but one that works on many levels, leavened by some serious concerns about the politics of art." – San Francisco Chronicle

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Making an entrance -- Part 2

posted by Daniel Kreuger on Wed, May 20

This post is the second of two regarding Daniel Krueger's training for a scene in The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Find the first post here.

Upside down on stage

For me, being suspended upside down several feet above the stage in the Roda Theatre for the first time gave new meaning to the term "stage fright". It was actually terrifying. And it really came as a surprise.

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posted by A Susskind on Tue, May 19

Andrew-blood Andrew-head

I work in a very strange place.

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Saturday Night

posted by Robert Sweibel on Sun, May 17

So busy. I meant to post Friday about the release that day of Green Day's new record, 21st Century Breakdown. Now it's Saturday night and I'm sitting on the couch in my living room. My sweetie just got back from Wicked and Saturday Night Live is on the television. And guess what? Green Day is the musical guest. They're playing songs from the new record, of course. Some of the songs from the record are finding their way into the stage version of American Idiot, set to begin preview performances here at Berkeley Rep on September 4. It's all very exciting. I'm not sure when single tickets go on sale just yet. I ought to figure that out. I'm the marketing director and that's my job! Sorry. Very busy lately. Another project popped up for last week and this coming week -- more on that next week. Oh cool -- Green Day's on. It's "Know Your Enemy," the first single from the new record. I like it a whole lot. Hope you do too. Anyway, we'll sort out single tickets to American Idiot in the coming few weeks. Can't wait? You can pick up a ticket package of three or more plays including American Idiot now. Otherwise, stay tuned.

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Of Black Cats and Old Friends

posted by James Carpenter on Wed, May 13

The Universe seems to have been prodding me in certain directions this year and now, through the devious workings of Dame Fortune, I find myself once more working with Berkeley Rep. It's been a few years since I've done a show here and it's always a huge pleasure to return. To top it off I get to portray Donny in The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Berkeley Rep's latest offering -- a mad, hysterical, bloody good Irish play, and a feast for any Actor.

To prepare for the role, I've become thoroughly disreputable-looking.

I've allowed all the hair on my body to grow unchecked. I've put away the razor, the scissors, my tweezers, the battery-powered rotary nose hair trimmer bought by my wife (who now bleats at me from time to time mocking my goatish appearance), and now resemble someone you'd find on a late-night Sunday BART train.

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The Unpredictable Road to the Roda

posted by Michael Barrett Austin on Fri, May 8

Well, I knew I'd be playing one of these guys...
(l to r: Rowan Brooks, Danny Wolohan, Blake Ellis, and me.
Kneeling are James Carpenter and Adam Farabee.
Photo courtesy of

I’ve had Berkeley Repertory Theatre on the list of theatres I longed to work with since I first figured out I wanted to be an actor, growing up in Los Altos, and my desire has only grown in the years I’ve been an adult actor residing in San Francisco. But roles are limited and competition is high with a theatre of this caliber, and I knew that it would take some luck for me to get into a season show here. With The Lieutenant of Inishmore, the stars have finally aligned (with a little nudging…).

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Cats and Fecks

posted by Pauline Luppert on Wed, May 6

So, the critics are gushing about The Lieutenant of Inishmore.  A few of them compare playwright Martin McDonagh to Quentin Tarrantino, which I think is apt. For your own juxtaposition-pleasure please enjoy..

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Lieutenant's tour is EXTENDED

posted by Robert Sweibel on Tue, May 5

Thank you, citizens of the Bay Area and beyond. You've welcomed The Lieutenant of Inishmore into your ranks. You've stood shoulder to shoulder to protect and promote this extraodinary foot soldier in Wee Thomas' Army (if you've seen the show, you know what I mean). Because of the support of allies like you, the Lieutenant's tour has been extended for one week. Tell your friends -- they now have until May 24 to join. The Lieutenant wants everyone to enlist. Sign up here!

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Guns are Dangerous

posted by Michael Barrett Austin on Fri, May 1

In The Lieutenant of Inishmore, we are firing real guns with full loads of ammunition.


It is not rare for guns to rear their ugly heads in plays. They’ve been a useful and exciting dramatic tool for playwrights since their invention, I’d guess, and I’ve encountered a fair amount of them in my past acting experience—but it’s never been like this.

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