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Audiences rave about An Iliad

posted by Karen McKevitt on Tue, Oct 30, 2012

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We're absolutely overwhelmed by how much our audiences love An Iliad! Of course we think Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare's contemporary adaptation of the story of the Trojan War is pretty awesome, but here's what people like you say:

"This was theatre at its best — satisfying on so many levels. Please convey our deepest appreciation to Henry Woronicz for giving us so much."

"We were deeply moved by An Iliad. The acting was superb and the production fantastic!"

"One of the best Berkeley Rep productions I've seen. Have recommended it to two friends. One has seen it already, one is going next week. Wish my kids weren't off at college or I'd take them as well."

"A bravura performance! A real treat to see an actor so varied in his vocal and physical prowess."

"It was absolutely incredible! The acting by Henry Woronicz was not to be believed! He certainly deserved the standing ovation!!! What an amazing adaptation to today’s world. Thank you for a very thought-provoking experience."

"One of the most spectacular acting achievements I have ever seen in my 8 seasons at Berkeley Rep. Wonderful."

"Astounding and touching. I was blown away by the strength of the performance and the aching quality of the music."

"Wonderful performance, with a perfectly natural blending of humor and despair. The music was hauntingly beautiful and so well incorporated. I have already told people they must rush out and see this performance as quickly as possible."

"I thought the script was absolutely brilliantly composed, with past and present, English and Greek, and prose and verse woven together, in an intelligent, fascinating and effective way. I loved the adaptation, and found it highly relevant. The solo actor in the show, who miraculously conjures up all of the roles, is a master storyteller and physical actor. The addition of a live bassist to score the show offered a perfect complement to the emotional highs and lows of the story of the Iliad, and the pain and adrenalin of war. I enjoyed the modern 'play' on the role of the muse. I loved the show. I hope to bring our two teenagers to see it before it closes."

"This was the most moving, awe-inspiring performance I have ever experienced! Everything about it was seamless ... every sound, gesture, light change ... pure magic. Thank you."

"THIS is why we go to theatre, and THIS is why we prefer Berkeley Rep to any other theatre. Thank you for respecting your audience and challenging us."

"This show was incredible. It was moving, intense, and it connected us with that old ancient style of storytelling. It felt timeless. I was captivated."

"I don't have the words to convey the depth of my awe. I think this is the only time I have ever seen all the elements that go into a performance mesh so perfectly. The writing, staging, direction, lighting, acting and music all come together to link the past to the present in a way that is understandable, entertaining and completely fascinating."

"I booked tickets to see it a second time. One of the most powerful performances I've seen in the theatre — including Kevin Spacey in Richard III and Anthony Hopkins in Equus. Make that two great performances."

"I saw An Iliad yesterday and found it compelling and exciting theater. The script was brilliant. The performance remarkable. The musical accompaniment outstanding. I paid rapt attention for the entire one hour and 40 minutes. This is why I love Berkeley Rep."

"I thought it was simply fantastic. You know something has hit the mark when you can't imagine it done any other way. Excellent acting and music."

"I had not thought that I would enjoy this one-person performance, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did become engrossed in the epic tale and how beautifully he performed it, as did the rest of the audience. There was a rapt silence throughout the audience on Sunday’s show. Great job."

"A tour de force. Extraordinary on all levels: the piece itself, staging, lighting, sound, musician excellent beyond words and the actor — the poet — a brilliant, mesmerizing performance. Simply one of the best performances and theater pieces I've ever seen (and I see a lot). If I lived closer, I'd be a passionate subscriber. As it is (a few hundred miles away) I'll still hope to get to Berkeley Rep a time or three a year! Bravo."

"The actor was awesome. The play was fantastic. Together, a perfect theater experience. I felt privileged to be able to see this."

"Outstanding performance by Henry W. A brilliant script and staging. Conceptually rich and thought-provoking. The music and musician added dimension and important interplay with their additional 'voices.'"

"It was 100 minutes almost without blinking! I was mesmerized. What a brilliant piece of theatre and of acting. It's performances like that which keep me as a season ticket subscriber. Bravo to all involved!"

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