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A Mary Zimmerman retrospective

posted by Karen McKevitt on Wed, Oct 24, 2012
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Mary Zimmerman's White Snake opens in less than three weeks -- and it's her seventh show here at Berkeley Rep! She's among our most frequent guest directors, and she's a favorite with our patrons (and the critics).

To celebrate, let's take a look at the past six shows at the Theatre...

The Arabian Nights (2008-09, encore 2010)


Mary Zimmerman breathes new life into the tale of 1,001 nights.

"First rate entertainment... Zimmerman has a genius for building stage spectaculars from the most basic, old-fashioned materials." -- San Francisco Chronicle

Photo by

Photo by

Argonautika (2007)


Mary retells Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece.

"Exhilaratingly inventive... Very much an ensemble piece, with every actor standing out in multiple roles." --San Francisco Chronicle

Allen Gilmore with Jesse J. Perez. Photo by

Photo by

The Secret in the Wings (2004)

A vivid staging of European fairy tales.

"Captivatingly simple, disturbingly evocative and richly transgressive..." -- San Francisco Chronicle

Laura Eason. Photo by

Mark Alhadeff, David Kersnar, and Christopher Donahue. Photo by

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (2003)

Mary creates a beautiful, beguiling, and brilliant canvas on which the mind of Leonardo is illuminated.

Jane Cho, Mariann Mayberry, and Christopher Donahue. Photo by Ken Friedman

Metamorphoses (1999)

One of Mary's most beloved works, Metamorphoses stormed Broadway (and won a Tony Award) and is playing in Chicago this holiday season. Watch a nine-minute preview video on the Chicago Tribune's site.

Raymond Fox, Doug Hara, and Anjali Bhimani. Photo by Ken Friedman

Doug Hara and Erik Lochtefeld. Photo by Ken Friedman

Journey to the West (1996)

Mary adapts the story of Hsuan-Tsang, a Buddhist monk who traveled to India in the seventh century.

Kim Miyori, Jane Cho, and Christopher Donahue

 And now, a sneak peek at The White Snake!

Watch a video: Mary tells the story of The White Snake.

Amy Kim Waschke and Tanya Thai McBride. Photo by Jenny Graham

Amy Kim Waschke and Emily Sophia Knapp. Photo by Jenny Graham

We can't wait to share The White Snake with you! Won't you join us? Reserve your seats here


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