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Emily's Emotional Creature blog: Inspiring empowered girls

posted by Karen McKevitt on Sat, Jun 2, 2012
in Backstage buzz , Our shows

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The cast of Emotional Creature is blogging about their experience preparing for the world premiere of Eve Ensler's new play here at Berkeley Rep -- we knew these gals would embrace social media! These will be co-posted by Berkeley Rep and V-Girls.  

Here's a post by ensemble member Emily S. Grosland:

Eve asked each of us to bring in a story about an incredible girl who is an inspiration for us. We are going to collect stories about the incredible women who have changed history, overcome adversity, or simply loved and supported us. This incredible community of emotional creatures will serve to inspire us every night on stage and hopefully we will be able to harness their strength and share it with all the young girls in the audience.

My story for today was about two incredible young women that I do not know personally, but their story inspired me greatly. Elizabeth Van Meter is a young actress in NYC (Her similarity to me and my fellow actors in this show is why I find her story so inspiring). Thao is a young woman in Vietnam who was born with severe life threatening birth defects as a result of Agent Orange. Despite the obstacles that life has given her, she has maintained an incredible joy about her. Elizabeth decided to fulfill Thao’s greatest wish (the build a library for her village) even though she did not have a large amount of money or resources for herself. In fact, I believe she was unemployed at the time. But in doing so, she found her own great joy for life.

There is a Vietnamese saying that goes, “The good leaves shall cover the torn ones, and the torn leaves shall cover the shreaded leaves.” For Elizabeth and Thao this means that those of us who are lucky enough to live safe, comfortable lives have a responsibility to help those who have it a little rougher than us. And those who have it a little rough are then responsible to help out those who have it worse than them.

You can learn about the whole story and watch a short documentary about these two wonderful women at:

Check it out…it’s truly inspiring!




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