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Sade's Emotional Creature blog: Every day is a chance to listen and learn

posted by Karen McKevitt on Mon, May 28, 2012
in Backstage buzz , Our shows

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The cast of Emotional Creature is blogging about their experience preparing for the world premiere of Eve Ensler's new play here at Berkeley Rep -- we knew these gals would embrace social media! These will be co-posted by Berkeley Rep and V-Girls.  

Here's the very first post by ensemble member Sade Namei:

Today, we started our music rehearsals with with Charl (pronounced, Shawl). Singing, dancing, clapping–no child play, I assure you…Ok, maybe a little. And we’ve learned that it’s hard to talk and walk at the same time!!! Anybody? Ok… just me. Thank God for humor! Lesson learned: Have a sense of humor and you can get through anything…Anybody? Just me? Ok. Everyday, we learn something wonderful from each other. Every day is a chance to listen, learn, pause, check-in and keep learning. It’s pretty incredible being here. The challenge is enormous but the stakes to not overcome them are even higher… 

Hope to see you soon. off to memorization. Keep reading. 




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