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REDuce and reuse

posted by Kyle Sircus on Thu, Mar 22, 2012
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We're jazzed to be opening Les Waters' production of Red tonight. What's really exciting to us here is that the show isn't just for art lovers. Sure, it's a play about Mark Rothko and his new apprentice as the famed artist begins work on the Seagram mural commission, but it's so much more than an art-history lesson. At its core, this is a sizzling play about the relationships between mentors and their students. You can hear playwright John Logan and director Les Waters talk about these themes and more in our video introduction to the play. And if you haven't reserved your seats for the show yet, we'd recommend doing that soon -- this show is one red hot ticket! (We're a really punny staff...)

To celebrate these tropes in Red, and to keep our commitment to being a green leader in our field, we'll be supporting East Bay artists and teachers by donating any art supplies you bring to Berkeley Rep to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. It's a great organization that can repurpose and resell all kinds of new and used supplies; you can check out its website


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