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Love blossoms at Berkeley Rep

posted by Karen McKevitt on Fri, Mar 23, 2012
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By Lynn Eve Komaromi, director of development

There’s a special thrill knowing that you played a hand in Cupid’s quest to bring two lovers together. I take pride in the fact that I seated two single guests together at our gala years ago which budded into a relationship that lives on today. Or that the photographer I hired for another gala would have never met the chef in the kitchen that night, leading to nuptials just a couple of years later. Love blossoms at Berkeley Rep.

So imagine the joy I’m feeling now that Berkeley Rep set the stage for Cupid’s quiver and arrow…this time for my nephew! It was 2009, and we were preparing for the world premiere of American Idiot. My nephew Ryan, a huge theatre fan who was known to make weekend trips to New York solely to take in a show, called me up to see if he could purchase a block of tickets for his friends.  No problem -- 10 tickets would be held at will-call that Labor Day weekend.

Ryan says he had his eye on Abbey for some time -- she was the roommate of his good friend Amanda from college. With Amanda’s help, he managed to convince Abbey and some other friends to join him at American Idiot.

“The crew gathered at Beckett's (may it RIP) before the show for dinner and drinks,” Ryan says of that night. “Abbey ended up sitting next to me there. I don't remember much of what we talked about, but I recall discussing a shared love of The West Wing, and it was right about then that my plan to make sure we sat next to each other at the performance came into focus.”

Then Ryan made his move. “All of the tickets were at will-call under my name. I looked at them quickly to make sure they were in order by seat and that we were all in the same row. As I handed them out, I made sure that Abbey got the second-to-last ticket and I got the last one, thereby ensuring that we'd be sitting a) next to each other, and b) at the edge of our group, which would hopefully put us out of any group conversation.”

And just like that, Cupid released his arrow. A year-and-a-half later, Ryan proposed to Abbey in Golden Gate Park. Tomorrow they are being married in Boston, and at the reception, Berkeley Rep will be featured at one of the guest tables as the place where it all began:


Congratulations, Ryan and Abbey!  We look forward to seeing  you back at Berkeley Rep really soon!




Aww, that's wonderful. That was a great show, too!

Serene | Fri, Mar 23, 2012

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