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The puzzlers in the play

posted by Amy Bobeda on Thu, Feb 2, 2012
in Backstage buzz , Our shows

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I can’t remember the last time someone asked me if I wanted to do a puzzle. Oh wait. I can. I was 8, and it was a 3-D puzzle of the Titanic that I destroyed with my fist within hours of deep frustration. From this, one could deduce that I’m really not keen on puzzles -- sure real-life puzzles are the bomb, but if it’s got "jigsaw" in the name, you better me handing me an actual jigsaw.

Point being, the one thing about folks who devote their life the physical production of plays, be it board ops, deck crew, or actors, it's guaranteed that they love their work because of the precision and concentration. Similarly, both are also skills that required in puzzle construction along with, you guessed it: copious amounts of free time!

Some shows are more puzzle-crazy than others. This season, the puzzle love was strong with the folks on Bill Cain’s How to Write a New Book for the Bible (still running at Seattle Rep for those reading from the PNW) but nothing rivals the puzzle love among the cast and crew of Ghost Light. I place the blame on child star Tyler James Myers, who apparently loves to do puzzles in his free time. His studio teacher, Victora, legally required to be backstage at all times Tyler is working, also has an affinity for putting together the most mind-boggling puzzles. The Virgo of the Ghostlightians is Mr. Ted Deasy -- who has been known to rearrange the chair setup for docent presentations while still wearing his spandex ghost costume just because he can’t handle the disorder--is perhaps the most serious among us.

Mind you, when I say they love puzzles, I mean they love puzzles more than TMZ loves catching a nip slip on camera. These folks are averaging about three puzzles a week, and these are not your grandma’s puzzles. We are talking 1,200-piece minimum, impressionist painting that paints your retina, hard-ass (pardon my French) puzzles. Last week, they were finishing a 1970s smorgasbord of chocolates, pizza, and veggies puzzle, and now they have moved on to a 3-D Irish castle. They are so engrossed in puzzles that now everyone gathers around to watch the last five pieces go into place, and we have to let the finished product sit out for a few days for passersby to admire.

Perhaps the worst part of their puzzle obsession is that fact that I, a gung-ho puzzle hater, can now say I have contributed pieces to a puzzle in the last 48 hours. I am seeking help from a support group currently, and soon the Ghostlightians will move on and someone else will come in, again with an affinity for puzzles.

So ladies out there, if you are under the age of 18 and think the world of Tyler James Myers, forgo the fan mail and send a puzzle his way. You’ll thank me later.

Amy the Antipuzzler



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