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In the lobby: drinks, music, imposters

posted by Karen McKevitt on Wed, Feb 15, 2012
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Ready for a wild, zany ride of bawdy silliness? Then let us prescribe A Doctor in Spite of Himself, opening tonight at our Roda Theatre!

Steven Epp and Julie Briskman. Photo by

As you know, at Berkeley Rep we strive to give you a total theatrical experience from the moment you walk into the lobby. It’s all planned out – the specialty drinks, the lobby display, the pre-show music. So, what’s in store for you this time? Let’s start with an energetic playlist curated by Christopher Bayes and Aaron Halva.

Pre-show music:
“Bad Case of Lovin’ You (Doctor, Doctor)” – Robert Palmer
“S.O.S.” – ABBA
“Calling Dr. Love” – KISS
“Listening To You / See Me, Feel Me” – The Who 
“Dear Doctor” – Rolling Stones
“Good Lovin’” – Grateful Dead
“Sexual Healing” – Marvin Gaye
“I Don’t Need No Doctor” – Ray Charles
“A Shot In The Arm” – Wilco

Be sure you’re in the Theatre for the last pre-show song:
“Coconut” – Harry Nilsson

And the post-show song (in the Theatre only), naturally:
“I Got You (I Feel Good)” – James Brown

As you’re bopping to these tunes, check out the clever lobby display, featuring a number of famous
imposters. There’s Frank Abagnale, Ferdinand Demara, Victor Lustig, False Dmitry, David Hampton - even Milli Vanilli and Princess Caraboo. Test your knowledge of these fakes and more with our trivia game. And then, enjoy the show!



Are you guys on spotify? It would be great to offer the playlist there... I might make it myself!
Thanks for all your great work.

Cori Kesler | Fri, Feb 17, 2012

This is a generational show.

I'm over 80 and missed the show biz references. My daughters generation caught them. Had the same problem last year with the show that won prizes. Old folks have to be more selective. I missed Moliere.

Susan Tripp | Wed, Feb 22, 2012

It seemed this was a typical Berkeley Rep exercise in too much of nothing. You tried to cram a 30 minute bit into a hour and a half play. Enough already!

Tracy Fitzgerald | Wed, Feb 22, 2012

Hilarious, well done, Moliere for the 21st century. Continue to do this kind of show. Love the puppets.

ladies4 | Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Too much of nothing? Only if the Marx Brothers and, oh yes, Commedia Delle Arte, itself, were "nothing"- which they probably would have cheerfully admitted they were. Personally, I loved the experience of knowing that, even if I didn't get the gag, there would be another, on its heels- then another and so on. May as well just give it up. Chekov this is not.

John Brownson | Mon, Mar 26, 2012

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