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"The Wild Bride" opens tonight

posted by Karen McKevitt on Wed, Dec 7, 2011
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The Berkeley Rep staff is all giddy with anticipation about tonight’s official opening night of Kneehigh’s The Wild Bride -- seriously, it’s like we all have major crushes on these talented artists from Cornwall. The show’s been in previews all weekend and earning some awesome word of mouth, and sales are picking up fast. (By the way, y’all know to reserve your seats early to get the best ones at the best prices, right?)

Here’s a fabulous extra:

Stick around after the show, grab a drink, and see the Kneehigh band play a short set in Satan’s Speakeasy (aka the Roda Theatre lobby)! 

WBpre5_lrStu McLoughlin in The Wild Bride. Photo by Steve Tanner

Want to learn more about the show and especially about Kneehigh’s creative process? Director and adaptor Emma Rice contributed a lovely essay about it to our show program. And today, she shared more with Berkeley Rep’s staff at a casual lunchtime discussion.

Kneehigh created The Wild Bride and another show in a mere five weeks. “We worked on The Wild Bride for three weeks and then left it on the shelf while we performed the other show,” said Emma to the staff. “When we came back to it, we knew its heart was in place.”

Kneehigh has always been known for robust storytelling and physical language, and while they create work as an ensemble, the impetus comes from Emma. They don’t start with a script -- they end with one. When working with the group, Emma said, “I talk in the language of poetry. I talk to the collective imagination of the eight creative minds all working with a specific palette.”

One reason we all love Kneehigh so much is that they are incredibly generous artists, and that generosity certainly comes through in their work. “You’ve just seen two hours of my heart and soul,” says Emma. She also says that she hopes you all come away from the show feeling like you’ve eaten warm apples. Isn’t that absolutely lovely?

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