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Teen Council is wild about "The Wild Bride!"

posted by School of Theatre on Tue, Dec 13, 2011
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By Darcy Davis, Acalanes High School, Teen Council Membership chair

Phil's Sliders









Teen Night attendees enjoy Phil's Sliders before the show!  Thanks to Phil's Sliders for the delicious food!

Finally. It was here. The Wild Bride. The ad campaign alone had Teen Council clamoring for tickets, and after months of images of colorful dancers whirling through stage lights, Teen Night had come.

The night started with an interview with Emma Rice, the adaptor and director of the piece, and Malcolm Rippeth, the lighting designer, who walked 75 rapt teens through the show's creation. Whether it was the fact that they put together the beautiful music and design of the piece in three weeks (seriously, three weeks?!), that they shared a hilarious sense of humor, or their obvious warmth and intelligence, the audience was love-struck. The teen audience was in agreement that they were fantastic human beings -- almost as fantastical as the play to follow.

I'm not quite sure how to express the beauty of this show. The design, coupled with the acrobatic and compelling actors and live blues music, created a string of distinctly lovely and memorable moments that can't be summed up in only a few short paragraphs. I’m not the only Teen Night attendee who felt this way. Here’s what my peers from high schools around the Bay Area had to say about the show:

 “The style, stage, use of props, costumes, transitions and dancing were all so well done and worked perfectly in assisting the story…I am convinced that it must be the most fun production to be involved in because of the energy and engagement between actors and audience, and among the cast during and after the show.” - Berkeley High School

“The true genius of it was the fact that it took you to a faraway fairy tale, and made it come alive. The devil was breathing down my back, it was my hands that were chopped off, and it was my father that sold me at the crossroads. All in all a spellbound epic.”  -Bayhill High School

"I'm still trying to capture my breath and really believe that it happened.  My words could never describe how much I enjoyed this play!" -Oakland School for the Arts

"The Wild Bride was the best play I've ever seen.  It was the first play that has ever made me read through the program the day after and fight through the crowds to buy a CD...I hope one day I'll get to be a part of something so beautiful and inspirational." -San Francisco School for the Arts 

was better than any movie, play, musical, or TV show I have ever seen...I wish I lived in Britain so I could see more of Kneehigh." -Campolindo High School

"All I can say is that it's a play that you cannot miss.  I hope someday I can be so fortunate as to be a part of something so unforgettable.  In my mind, Emma Rice, you did not fall short of an inspirational and, yes, perfect play." -Berkeley High School


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