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Get your fashion on: British edition

posted by Amy Bobeda on Mon, Dec 5, 2011
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Today marks the one week-iversary of the British Invasion at Berkeley Rep. After only six days spent with our friends from across the pond, I have begun to understand Paul Revere’s panic. Why, you might ask? Because we were vastly unprepared for their impeccable, edgy sense of fashion, and of course their ridiculously confusing costume vocabulary.

So, today, let’s play catch-up and learn to dress for the queen.

To dress like a character of The Wild Bride, one will require:

A vintage button-down shirt with small patterns and muted tones. This is a great look for both men and women paired with a work jean. None of this skinny-leg or flare-pant nonsense we statesmen think is “cool," and cuffing your jeans is key.

A union suit — old fashioned thermal underwear onesie — is practical in both cropped leg and full leg for those cold British nights.

For ladies wanting to show a little leg, vintage cotton dresses with a classic 1940’s or 1950’s cut is ideal. Short sleeve, above the knee for maximum dancitude, and plaid or patterned for extra pop.

If you’re game for extra humor, take a stab at the Brit’s “dumb” cousins the Scotts by pairing a kilt with knee socks and a vast IQ drop.

Add devil horns, floral wreathes in the hair, or a fedora with feather plumes to finish off the look.

Suggested shopping locations?

La Rosa Vintage in the Haight, or closer to Berkeley Rep, Mars Vintage on Telegraph.

And no matter what, remember that your outfit must be able to transition from autumn to spring, court to war, and working to dancing the night away.

Per usual, if the references above have got you puzzled, I highly recommend venturing to 2025 Addison Street to see the British perform in Kneehigh Theatre’s The Wild Bride.

WILDBRIDEAudrey Brisson and Stuart Goodwin. Photo by Steve Tanner


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