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Drink to your health

posted by Karen McKevitt on Tue, Jun 14, 2011
in Our shows

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Lmdecocktail-mr-6645 A couple of weeks before each Berkeley Rep show opens, the members of the marketing team unleash their inner mixologists to concoct that show's specialty drink. We consider the play's themes -- or "flavor," if you will -- as well as any references to drinks. Three Sisters nearly depleted our vodka reserves, and Fanta made an appearance at our concessions counter courtesy of Ruined.

So, how to approach Let Me Down Easy, with its themes of spirituality and health care? Smoothies came to mind and were quickly dismissed. But visions of cucumber, lemon, and lime slices danced in our heads, and we came up with the Lemon-Mint Spa Spritzer:

Revitalize your body and spirit with this refreshing virgin blend of lemon, mint, and sparkling water. $5. Add gin -- detox can wait! $8.

Now on sale at our concessions counter throughout the run of Anna Deavere Smith's Let Me Down Easy.


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