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Teenagers and Chekhov

posted by Karen McKevitt on Thu, Apr 21, 2011
in Our shows

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Think teenagers and Chekhov don’t mix? Well, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking so -- truth be told, most of us probably thought the same.

And then there was that teenager who came to Three Sisters last week. We spotted him before the show, hoodie pulled up completely over his face, with all the body language of someone who just lost a big fight over where they would be going that night. (Or, over the fact that he had to go out with his parents at all.)

Well, he did emerge from the hoodie at the top of the show. And after the first 10 minutes he was sitting forward in his seat completely engrossed. He appeared to thoroughly enjoy the entire show. Was it Sarah Ruhl’s more colloquial version? The superb acting? The exquisite design? Or, did he really like Chekhov all along?

In any case, it’s been proven once again: Never underestimate teenaged audience members.


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