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The impact of Agony

posted by Karen McKevitt on Wed, Feb 23, 2011
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What impact did The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs have on our audience members? We surveyed nonsubscribers who saw the show between February 9 and February 13, and here’s what they had to say.

51% of respondents “plan to tell everyone to see it right away,” while 37% are going to recommend it to friends they think would enjoy it. (Hurry, it closes on February 27!) A mere 2% are going to keep it to themsleves.

Will having seen the show affect your future purchases of electronic equipment?
Absolutely.        23%
I hope so.          23%
Maybe.              23%
Probably not.     26%
No.                     5%

Care to comment on that? [Here are some select responses.]

My work requires electronic tools and there is no way around buying them. Mike's show gave me a deeper understanding of the contradictions we live with. It was very helpful to give us handouts about ways we can express our views with corporate leaders. We have to speak up.

A devastating and timely message -- really made me think.

I already disliked Apple for many of the reasons Mike mentioned. One of my friends worked for Foxconn and had told me about much of what he described. Even though I avoid Apple products like the plague, I learned from the show that I also ought to be wary of other companies. It would be nice to inform people about companies that do not use these types of assembly techniques (if such companies exist).

It would influence my concern of practices and my choice of brand. I will still want one computer and one cell phone.

What can you do? Every single manufacturer of electronic equipment uses these factories in China. Apple is not alone. I think Mike is doing the right thing by picking on a high profile case and making an example of them. I will still buy apple products. I am locked in unfortunately, but I will agitate to get them to end their exploitation and especially their hypocrisy -- why tout the environmentally friendly qualities of their products when they use slave labor?

I think the best I can do is badger Apple. It was a great show -- smart, heartfelt, funny, disturbing.

Here are some other comments about Mike Daisey:

Mike is an amazing and deep reporter/performer and I hope I get to witness all his work going forward. Thanks Mike, for telling so much truth in such a vivid and honest way.

I truly enjoyed the presentation until Mike turned it into a call for action. I found it much more compelling as a discussion of the situation. Theater has an incredible experience to shift the conversation around it, but this is best done by giving people something to talk about, not by directly asking them to act on it.

I was mesmerized by both shows. I like the mixture of funny and meaningful.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey! What do you think? We'd love to read your comments too!


Where is the promo code box? It's hiding.

betty | Sat, Feb 26, 2011

Hi Betty,
Hmm, I'm afraid I'm not sure what you're referring to. Did you receive a promo email with a link, and you clicked that link? If so, the promo code is embedded in that link and you won't see the box. The discount becomes apparent at the moment you select your seats. If not, shoot an email to where -at- is @.

Karen | Wed, Mar 2, 2011

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