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The curious consequences of international success

posted by Rachel Steinberg on Mon, Feb 14, 2011
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Just how popular is Ruined?

Well, this past weekend, a woman arrived at the Berkeley Rep box office to pick up two tickets for the 2:30 matinee of Ruined on February 5. Knowing Ruined wasn’t opening until March 2 (previews start February 25) and that our matinees are almost always at 2:00, never 2:30, the box office staff was flummoxed. 

I heard this story from a box office staff member over lunch. As the resident Canuck of this year’s fellow class, I had inkling as to what had happened. Far, far away in my northerly home nation is the friendly city of Toronto, and not so far, far away from its downtown core is a Berkeley Street. And right on Berkeley Street is a theatre called -- wait for it -- the Berkeley Street Theatre.

Berkeley Toronto 

Perhaps by now you see where this is headed.

As fate would have it, Toronto’s Berkeley Street Theatre is also home to a production of Ruined this year -- in fact, theirs is closing the same month (February) that ours begins.

After a Google search, Berkeley Rep’s staff figured out what had happened. The patron in question did have tickets for Ruined…in Canada.

I called the box office in Toronto. Apparently this was not the first such instance of confusion: “Yeah, we’ve definitely had people looking for you guys before.”

The lesson here, folks? Do make sure your tickets are for the right Berkeley. Not that Canada isn’t a lovely place, but take it from a native: it’s really, really cold up there right now.   


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