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Some money reviews for The Last Cargo Cult!

posted by Karen McKevitt on Fri, Jan 14, 2011
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MD promo screen cap The critics agree: Only Mike Daisey can turn the recession into a hilarious, provocative, and incisive adventure story. Check out these money reviews!

"Scintillating... Daisey applies his robust comic style and challenging insights to the aftermath of the banking meltdown [and] plunges into thought-provoking looks at the artificial value of money and the 'pyramid scheme' of international finance... No other monologist rants as captivatingly." -- SF Chronicle

"Hilarious, provocative... Not only does he know where to find a story, but he knows how to tell is better than just about anyone... Sometimes laconic, occasionally folksy and full to the brim with killer-cogent observations... with rafter-rattling screams and strings of world-class profanity... Amazing!" -- San Jose Mercury News / Contra Costa Times

"His story has to do, among many other things, with a live volcano, and that's what he's like on stage. He erupts in ways that are frightening and so dazzling you just can't turn away... When Mike Daisey talks, I buy it. I completely buy it." -- Chad Jones'

Buy tickets now!

And check out these videos! Watch excerpts from The Last Cargo Cult and get the skinny on Mike Daisey's shows.



I saw "Cargo Cult" today -- I'm a big Mike Daisey fan and am thrilled he's back at Berkeley Rep. I would love to find out how many people return the cash they received going into the theater. My husband & I donated a little extra to show our appreciation.

Sue T. | Sat, Jan 15, 2011

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