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Mike Daisey goes to Macworld

posted by Karen McKevitt on Mon, Jan 31, 2011
in Our shows

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Last Friday Mike Daisey journeyed deep into the land of iPhones and Macbook Pro's -- the land of Macworld and Twitter headquarters to promote The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

At Macworld he caught up with the journalist from Fortune magazine, who wanted to ask some follow-up questions, and he did a short interview that streamed live on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. (If you happen to find a link, please comment -- I couldn't find one!)

Mikemacworld Mike being interviewed on The Unofficial Apple Weblog at Macworld.

Then we headed down the street to Twitter headquarters, where we were ushered to what appeared to be a gameroom -- the room earned Mike's approval when he saw the arcade version of Tempest in the corner -- so Mike could give an informal talk with several Twitter employees about his show. Being consumate problem-solvers, they immediately asked a bunch of questions about how we could change the labor practices, citing the success of sweatshop awareness. "Apple says they're leaders in the industry," everyone said, "so they have the chance to turn this issue into an opportunity."

Another highlight of the day, for me anyway, besides seeing Twitter's tiki bar, was the fact that I could post this tweet: Driving Mr. Daisey to Macworld 2011...and Twitter. 

Via my Android.  




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