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Billie Joe hits the boards -- again

posted by Karen McKevitt on Thu, Jan 13, 2011
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Berkeley_Rep_GreenDay_lr Did y'all catch Charles Isherwood's C1 article in the New York Times this week about Billie Jo Armstrong reprising his role as St. Jimmy in American Idiot? Fun read -- but if you only have access to the online version and not the hard copy, you'll miss the lively interview with BJA at the end. Here's our favorite question and answer:

Q. Did you do any special training in preparation for your current run?

A. No. I remember I texted Theo [Stockman, an ensemble member], and all I wrote was, "By the way, how do you act?" And the response I got was, "Ha, Ha, Ha." He goes: "Just be yourself. Just be honest."...

Well, just being BJA must be pretty freakin' rad.

Photo of Green Day by Phil Mucci.


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