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I ♥ Berkeley Rep

posted by Chad Jones on Tue, Sep 7, 2010
in Backstage buzz

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A little more than a year ago, I jumped the fence. I went from being a reporter and critic to being a marketing guy. More specifically, I went from the Oakland Tribune (and its associated newspapers), where I had been reporting on and reviewing Berkeley Rep for more than 10 years, to being the Theatre’s communications manager.

Among other duties, I have been running this blog, and I’ve loved it. I’ve loved the entire Berkeley Rep experience, and the admiration and respect I had for the Theatre has only increased as I’ve seen firsthand how incredibly dedicated the staff is in the creation of an extraordinary theatre experience. There simply are no better theatre artists anywhere.

Now I’m moving on and jumping the fence again – more like hop-scotching it. I’m going to work for the San Francisco Arts Education Project, but I’ll also be resuming my freelance writing duties for local newspapers and reviewing and interviewing on my TheaterDogs blog.

Won’t it be weird to go back to writing objectively about a theatre I’ve now worked for? I don’t think so. I respect Berkeley Rep far too much not to write about them with the same level of professionalism I would bring to any subject I’m covering. I’m as eager to share what’s great about Berkeley Rep as I am all of the other wonderful aspects of Bay Area theatre. And there’s always a lot of fantastic work being done here – that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about writing again. I get to be an ardent public supporter of Bay Area theatre artists and events. I’m not objective about Bay Area theatre and the people who make it – I’m a big fan and have been for 20 years now. Do I have opinions about productions, performances, scripts, and the like? Of course, and I’ll share them when and where it’s appropriate.

But I won’t lie. Berkeley Rep has always been special and will continue to be. That’s based as much on the work the company does as it is on the people who work here. I have had an incredible amount of fun in the last year getting to know the Berkeley Rep community and working on shows like American Idiot, Tiny Kushner, Aurélia’s Oratorio, and Girlfriend. I feel like I gained invaluable insight into the creation of great theatre, and I hope that insight can make me a more informed and more sensitive writer on the subject.

After a turbulent few years in journalism, I was lucky to land in the creative safe haven of Berkeley Rep. I’m going to miss it terribly, but happily for me, I’ll never be too far away.

Above photo: One of my all-time favorite theatre experiences anywhere was Girlfriend at Berkeley Rep. It was a genius script, genius score, genius cast, genius band, genius director, and genius creative team. That's me at right with actor Ryder Bach and musical director Julie Wolf. Photo by Cheshire Isaacs.


Chad, Congrats on your move to new adventure! Looking forward to lots of future theater blogs!

Kathie Gaines | Wed, Sep 8, 2010


Great to hear someone who is so enthusiastic and content in their work.

mansolo | Sun, Sep 12, 2010

Hope it has worked out for you. Marketing is a great move, and can open many doors. Give you an opportunity to think outside the box...wish you the best

Greg | Tue, Sep 14, 2010

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