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Carrie Fisher feels the force, films for HBO

posted by Chad Jones on Mon, Aug 16, 2010
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We haven't reported on Carrie Fisher in a while, and there's a lot going on, so let's get up to (light) speed.

Carrie Fisher straitjacket
First of all, at the end of June, Carrie filmed several performances of Wishful Drinking, which, as you'll remember, had two runs here at Berkeley Rep. The live footage shot at the South Orange (New Jersey) Performing Arts Center will be combined with interview footage of Carrie and the people in her life — of course her mother, Debbie Reynolds, will feature prominently.

The Wishful Drinking documentary will air in December on HBO. Carrie talked to the Huffington Post about the movie. Read the interview.

On her ever-eccentric Twitter feed, Carrie announced that her sixth book is in the pipeline. It was also on Twitter that she posted the photo at right, undoubtedly a humorous plug for her recent keynote speech at the American Pyschiatric Association in New Orleans.

Last week at the Star Wars Celebration V convention (it's like ComicCon but only for Star Wars enthusiasts), Carrie was a surprise guest during an on-stage discussion with George Lucas and Mark Hamill moderated by Jon Stewart. She was, as you might expect, very funny but also kind a sweet to her ultra-nerd fan base.

Here's a rough fan-shot video from the galactic event. Carrie enters amid much audience hysteria at about the four-minute mark.

Carrie has embraced this HBO thing wholeheartedly. She was a guest star on last night's episode of Entourage.

A final, matrimonial note. On this day (August 16) in 1983, Carrie wed Paul Simon. They divorced in 1985.

And now, the last word. Speaking to the press corps about the upcoming Wishful Drinking movie, Carrie quipped, "My life is just one, long joke, I'm waiting for the punchline. Hopefully it doesn't come too soon."


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