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More Dan Hoyle and The Real Americans

posted by Chad Jones on Wed, Jun 16, 2010
in At the theatre , Backstage buzz

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When you hear the phrase "due to popular demand" it can seem like so much promotional hoo-ha. But when we say it, we mean it. Due to popular demand, we've added one more performance of Dan Hoyle's acclaimed solo show The Real Americans to the Fireworks festival. Dan has sold out his Real Americans performances June 24-26, so another one just had to be added.

Dan Hoyle 2
Tickets are $25. You can order them here. When they're gone, that's it!

While we're on the subject of the dynamic Mr. Hoyle, you should check this new profile from the San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times. Karen D'Souza talked to Dan about bringing Americans and Tings Dey Happen to the Fireworks festival.

Karen had this to say about Dan:

"If his father, Geoff, has been dubbed the clown prince of the Bay Area theater scene, Dan is the Marco Polo of monologuists. The quick-witted performer scours the globe and then fills the stage with a menagerie of characters, from Alabama NASCAR fans to Nigerian warlords, with equal parts chutzpah and empathy. In show after show he etches quicksilver portraits of the people, politics and issues that make the 21st century such a beguiling time to live."

Karen also talked with Charlie Varon, who helped develop Dan's shows and directed them.

"`A lot of solo performers can run through a series of characters one after another,' says veteran director Charlie Varon (Rush Limbaugh in Night School). `Dan's work is so much more rich and complex than that. He can play everyone sitting at the table all at once. With his physical dexterity and his intellectual adventurousness, he can create an entire universe.' While many assume that Hoyle inherited his mimetic gifts from his father, Varon, who began collaborating with him back on Circumnavigator in 2004, is quick to point out that he has labored long to hone his skills.

`A lot of people think it's native talent, but he works very hard to make it look easy,' Varon says. `You can't overestimate the number of hours he will spend rehearsing a bit of business in the mirror.'

Read the whole article then order your tickets before they're gone! Dan's Tings Dey Happen runs June 30-July 1 and Wes "Scoop" Nisker's Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again closes the festival July 2-3.

Above: Dan Hoyle photo by Cheshire Isaacs


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