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Great Girlfriend coverage in the LA Times

posted by Chad Jones on Mon, Apr 19, 2010
in At the theatre

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GF -Les & Todd

A fantastic feature about the creation of Girlfriend appeared over the weekend in the Los Angeles Times. Read the story.

Writer John Horn spent time in the rehearsal hall and interviewed director Les Waters, playwright Todd Almond, and composer Matthew Sweet.

Talking to Todd about how he took a favorite album of his youth, Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend, John writes: "Almond says he designed the show so that audience understands the loneliness of being gay and alone. 'I want those boys to feel isolated, like I did,' he says. And yet Sweet's music gives them (just as it did for Almond) hope."

John's story captures Matthew Sweet's reaction to the show as well: "I thought it was really cool — to show how they are trying to put across all of these feelings in a sideways way," Sweet says. "I wanted the album to be really universal. The songs were very personal to me, but it makes me proud and makes me glad that other people could relate to it. That somebody who is gay could relate it — that's fantastic."

Charles McNulty reviewed the production for the Times. Read his review.

Here's a sampling:

High schoolers have a knack for turning even banal occasions into karaoke moments, which is why Will and Mike’s eruptions seem perfectly natural. Granted, most such spontaneous outpourings aren’t backed by a band as hard-charging as the all-female one led by musical director Julie Wolf that accompanies the boys, but the effect of hearing “I’ve Been Waiting” and “You Don’t Love Me” will bring you back to your own awkward age, even if this is your first encounter with Sweet’s accessible sound.

Above photo: Girlfriend director Les Waters and playwright Todd Almond. Photo courtesy of Robert Durrell for the Los Angeles Times.


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