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Fugard directs at his own South African theatre

posted by Chad Jones on Wed, Feb 17, 2010
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Athol Fugard
Athol Fugard is in the midst of a creative burst. The legendary 77-year-old playwright, director, and actor has written several new plays, including Coming Home (continuing through February 28 on the Thrust Stage) and Have You Seen Us?, which had its world premiere at the Long Wharf Theatre.

Fugard is even directing his most recent play, The Train Driver, which has its world premiere at the Athol Fugard Theatre in Capetown's District 6, a formerly all-white district.

Last fall, Fugard discussed The Train Driver with the Hartford Courant. "This may be the most important one I've ever written as far as I'm concerned for personal reasons," Fugard said. "I know The Train Driver will resonate for all South Africans when they see it as something that deals with themselves. This is about us, as South Africans."

The BBC has been covering Fugard's return to Capetown and his work on The Train Driver.

Watch the television coverage.

Listen to the radio coverage.

In the radio piece, the actor Alan Rickman praises Fugard. "Everyone of my generation remembers the first time they saw his work in England, " Rickman says, "and it's life changing."

Fugard is far from done. He reports that he's at work on yet another new play, this one called The Blue Iris.


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