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Concerning Johnny Wu and Strange Devices

posted by Cheshire Isaacs on Tue, Feb 23, 2010
in At the theatre , Backstage buzz

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We're gearing up for the world premiere of Naomi Iizuka's Concerning Strange Devices from the Distant West, and we're pretty excited. Previews begin Friday, Johnny_WuFebruary 26 in the Roda Theatre, and opens on Wednesday, March 3.

It's going to be, in our humble opinion, amazing. The combination of Naomi with director Les Waters, along with an incredible cast and creative team, couldn't be more thrilling. This is a sexy, mysterious show, and that's a hard-to-beat combo.

Johnny Wu, one of the actors in Strange Devices, created a video for his blog that begins with his road trip from Los Angeles to Berkeley and continues with glimpses of the rehearsal process and interviews with Les, assistant director Mina Morita, co-star Bruce McKenzie, sound designer Bray Poor, and others.

It's a fun video, and Johnny has graciously shared it with us so that we could share it with you. Enjoy. (And we couldn't help noticing Johnny's excellent, not to mention appropriate, choice of music to underscore the video. We can never get enough Green Day.)


This isn't a "personal attack". But OMG this is an awful video clip - it's a meaningless, repetitive one, full of "come see this" , "most incredible thing I've ever done", "like nothing I've ever done" but w/attitude. So?!

Nothing appealing, nothing substantive, not even an attitutde that is cranky but intriguing, no sense of wanting to share something exciting -
Why include this clip of his irritation after 26 takes. I can go anywhere and hear this attitude.

BTW I loved American Idiot etc - this does nothing to bring folks in.

Roberta | Sat, Feb 27, 2010

Read Roberta's comment and watched the video wondering how she came to that distorted idea. Then I got to the second half and it was painfully clear. Initial interviews added value. Last part was painful self promotion based on theory that you only got it the seventh time you heard it.

Dick | Sun, Feb 28, 2010

This actor made the this video for his own blog. He produced it entirely himself for his friends and fans. We decided to share it with our audiences, fans, and friends because we think it provides nice insight to the show, and it's development process--and we think it's fun. Thanks to all for viewing and sharing your comments.

Pauline Luppert | Thu, Mar 4, 2010

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