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Game on!

posted by Megan Wygant on Wed, Nov 4, 2009
in Backstage buzz

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Carmel and the dollar
(Ooohhh...deviousness is sweet...)

Without question, this is, hands down, my new favorite job responsibility.

Late last week Carmel Dean, American Idiot's musical director, stopped by my desk with a funny look on her face, and a question. "When Steven comes back next week, where is he staying?"

What we call the American Idiot "creatives" — director Michael Mayer, music orchestrator, arranger, and supervisor Tom Kitt, and choreographer Steven Hoggett, among others — are returning to Berkeley for the final two weeks of the show's run so that they can prepare it for the next stage of its development. And Carmel, well, she had a debt to settle.

Close-up of the famed dollar Evidently, in the early days of the Idiot workshop, Carmel bummed a buck off Steven, or vice versa. Attempts to repay it were refused, until the initial lender — surprise! — found a dollar tucked into a coat pocket. Since then, the dollar (it's the same one, after all this time) has been traded back and forth, appearing in a purse here, a briefcase get the picture.

Carmel was out the day that Steven left Berkeley the first time, and when she opened the door to her apartment, the dollar fell out of her doorjamb. She stuffed it in an envelope, mailed it to Steven's home in London, and figured that was that.

Last Wednesday, the dollar bill appeared on her music stand.

Clearly, Steven has some inside help.

And that's when Carmel enlisted my help (as the person in charge of all-things-housing), to get her into Steven's apartment.

Of course, we had a complication: this time, Steven isn't staying in our actor apartments — with both American Idiot and Tiny Kushner running, they're completely full. Instead, Steven and the rest are staying at a local hotel, which also helped us out during the tech process for American Idiot earlier this year.

So I picked up the phone and called Jake, my contact at the hotel. Jake was totally onboard with the idea of helping expedite Carmel's plan. So the three of us met up (I was mostly there to serve as photographer and lookout), Jake broke us into Steven's room, and Carmel, after a few minutes of deliberation, found the perfect spot to enact her revenge. 

Steven checked in a few hours later. So, Steven, I have just two words for you:

Bring it.

The perfect spot


Snap! Stunning, plus it has shock value.

Diane BEERE | Thu, Nov 5, 2009


Kim | Thu, Nov 5, 2009

very cute!!!!!!!!!! :)
so excited about the news and latest bits...I keep up with the goings ons every day!!!

suzanne | Sun, Nov 8, 2009

Brilliant! I love doing things like this!!!!

Ivy Ramsbottom | Sun, Nov 8, 2009

Something different concept. I like it.

vitamin e | Mon, Nov 9, 2009

Great!She would definitely be scared and amazed after she would have seen this.Really stunning!

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