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Nice interview with the Tonys - Taccone and Kushner

posted by Chad Jones on Wed, Oct 21, 2009
in At the theatre

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Today's San Francisco Chronicle features a great interview with old friends Tony Kushner and Tony Taccone, who have been collaborating since just before Kushner's Angels in America rocked the world. Their latest project is Tiny Kushner, a collection of five short plays, which opens tonight and continues through Nov. 29 on the Thrust Stage.

Robert Hurwitt's story begins: "From the epic Angels in America and prescient Homebody/Kabul to the musical Caroline, or Change, Kushner, 53, can't seem to stop wrestling massive themes to the stage with wit, penetrating insights and great theatricality."

And here's Kushner, who is not generally known for the brevity of his tremendous wit and intelligence, on writing short plays: "It's not a form that I'm naturally drawn to. I think I've written 10 or 12. What I like about this grouping is that they have a certain thematic consonance, and there's a shape to the evening. It's not just a smorgasbord."

Read the entire article.

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Above photo: Tony Kushner and Tony Taccone on the Tiny Kushner set.

Photo © Mike Kapka, San Francisco Chronicle


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