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Blown away

posted by Chad Jones on Fri, Oct 30, 2009
in Backstage buzz

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From Facilities Director Christopher Dawe:

One recent rainy Tuesday afternoon, we lost power on our block of Addison Street.

Blown fuse The outage forced us to cancel American Idiot that night because we were advised by the PG&E street crew that we wouldn’t have power again until midnight — or later.

Before that, we hadn’t canceled a show since 2006 when Rita Moreno became ill during her run in The Glass Menagerie. And before that, we hadn't canceled since 1999. And that was due to power failure, too.

When the power came back on after the most recent outage (well after midnight), we did our usual check on our equipment. We found this blown 200-Amp fuse on our chiller unit (the place we make cold air for our air conditioning). We got lucky because the fuse did the job it is supposed to do, which is to be the weakest link to break down (also inexpensive to repair).

We get to play with big toys here at Berkeley Rep, and this is just one glorious instance of the stuff we get to fix when things go wrong.


If you enjoy watching self-absorbed, self-pitying weenies parade around swearing and spitting with absolutely nothing new or novel to say, in a plot that consists of cliche after painful cliche, then you may be able to endure it.

During the scene where various miscreants are dosing themselves with heroin, I found myself wishing I could put the needle in my own arm to stop the pain.

And after looking at the price on my ticket stub, I felt like the real American Idiot.

FM | Mon, Nov 2, 2009

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