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posted by Sarah Moser on Mon, Jun 15, 2009
in Backstage buzz

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Paradise. I'm pretty sure that's what Berkeley Rep is. Since the day that rehearsals began in early May, I've been wandering around in a magical stupor. Here's why:

The People:
I've never met a more generous and soulful group of people in my life. Everyone from sound to lights to house management to to company management to ticket services to wardrobe to the artistic staff to the deck crew to stage and production management to the interns to the actors themselves are gold-hearted. People smile at you so genuinely when you pass by them. As our assistant director, Mina, pointed out, it takes a village...but THIS village is pretty much the

The Banquets:
"Why, a banquet can go on for hours, until you feel you can't manage another bite."

But seriously, Poppaea, nearly every time I walk into the green room there is something delicious and homemade there. We're talking cherry pie, apple pie, blondies, hors d'oeuvres left over from events in the courtyard, cookies, banana bread. One time Mike McShane knocked on the girls' dressing room door bearing a box of the most amazing chocolates you have ever seen. See? Gold-hearted.

The puppies:
There are adorable puppies everywhere.

The place:
"Where else is there that provides so much... so much... SO MUCH!" Yes, Poppaea. And of course, there's also the fact that I get to make my professional debut in one of the greatest theatres in the world, one that is constantly trying to engage audiences in innovative ways, to ask important questions, to take risks. The walls here are buzzing with artistic bravery. It makes you giddy.

Sorry to be so gushy! But I had to tell somebody. Stay tuned for some way more interesting blogs from me, the likes of:

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Did I mention the puppies? This is Burrows. His people, Megan McClintock and James Ballen, are the production assistant and sound engineer (respectively) for the show.

Burrows on Nero Stage


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