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posted by A Susskind on Tue, May 19, 2009
in At the theatre

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I work in a very strange place.

One day I was walking around backstage and I came across a room containing big buckets filled with blood. Nearby I saw a bathtub filled with body parts soaking in a pool of blood. Weird for me -- but just another day at the office for Julia Englehorn, our stage supervisor, whose task it is to clean the stage after every performance. A week later, I saw a big Roman statue of Danny Scheie glaring at me through my second story office window. Weird for me -- but just another day at the office for Colin Babcock, our master carpenter, who spends weeks building sets and then a day or two loading them into (and out of) trucks to transport up and into the theatre. Yesterday was the second to last day of technical rehearsals and I was about to walk down the stairs next to my office when I saw a mostly unclothed girl changing into a costume. Again, weird for me, but just another day at the office for our wardrobe crew.  While many of the things I see can be classified as unusual, there are hundreds of people who work at Berkeley Rep and see these things every day.

Tonight I'm going to hang out with Barbara Blair, our wardrobe supervisor, for her night shift. Next week I'm going to post a blog about what it was like to ride-along with her for a night. I'm assuming that it is going to be an interesting experience and invite you to come back to this blog to check it out.


Love the blog! There should be an option to subscribe via RSS feed though... :-)

Kim | Fri, May 29, 2009

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