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Lieutenant's tour is EXTENDED

posted by Robert Sweibel on Tue, May 5, 2009
in At the theatre

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Thank you, citizens of the Bay Area and beyond. You've welcomed The Lieutenant of Inishmore into your ranks. You've stood shoulder to shoulder to protect and promote this extraodinary foot soldier in Wee Thomas' Army (if you've seen the show, you know what I mean). Because of the support of allies like you, the Lieutenant's tour has been extended for one week. Tell your friends -- they now have until May 24 to join. The Lieutenant wants everyone to enlist. Sign up here!


I was not happy with Lieutenant of bloody cutting-up bodies with glee and killing cats Inishmore! Not only do we have bloody confusion in our society about "torture", is it OK??? is it bad??? is it wrong??? is it worth it to get the info??? Here we have a so-called entertainment that is so bloody, the actors almost slip on the goooo on stage. The choppping up and sawing up of body parts with glee ... ugh. Do we need this kind of gore to bring home a political idea? How is it funny? Where is our consciousness to find this artistic? The author's soul,the Rep's soul, the critics souls, plus many in the audience have to be dark, dark, dark. Oh, dear Berkeley Rep, please don't do this to me again. Only thinking about the Buddha or Quan Yin replaces these repugnant images from the play from my mind.

Diane Hira Rose | Tue, May 19, 2009

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