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Mmmm...shoe polish

posted by Megan Wygant on Thu, Apr 2, 2009
in Our shows

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This morning, I stopped by the fridge to drop off my lunch and was brought up short. This is what I saw:

Shoe polish 

In case you can’t read the writing, the top of the plastic container reads “shoe polish.”

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is currently in rehearsal, and there’s a scene where two of the main characters try to put shoe polish on a cat (which is just as difficult as it sounds), so part of this makes sense…but I’d never heard of perishable polish before.

I was about to shrug this off as one of the oddities of working in a theatre when Leslie Radin, the show's production assistant, walked over, reached into the fridge, and grabbed the container in question.

So I had to ask: “shoe polish, huh?”

She smiled—and grabbed a spoon. “Want a taste?”

Turns out, since the polish gets everywhere during the scene—faces, eyes, mouths—it’s not shoe polish at all, but simply something made to look like it.

And the main ingredient is chocolate.


How does one prepare for being suspended upside down for 10 minutes? Does it help to enjoy roller coaster rides?

Boo | Tue, Apr 7, 2009

Hey Boo --

The answer: Very carefully.

Ha ha. Actually, I've tossed your question to Daniel Kreuger, the actor who is in the position (so to speak) of spending the majority of a scene upside down. He'll be blogging on the topic in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Megan Wygant | Tue, Apr 7, 2009

Hey Boo -

I posted a blog about preparing for the scene, but I forgot to answer one of your questions! Yes, I think it probably does help to enjoy roller coaster rides. I've always liked them myself, and I'm sure that's a big part of why I was not nervous to take on the role. That said, I've since learned that there is quite a difference between being strapped in to a steel roller coaster, and dangling several feet of the ground held only by your ankles! The scene is also much longer than any roller coaster I've ever been on. But it's also more fun!

Daniel Krueger | Wed, Apr 22, 2009

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