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posted by prop shop on Fri, Feb 20, 2009
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Today Steve Tolin came to town to do the initial head casts of two of the company members for Lieutenant of Inishmore. He definitely lived up to his reputation, and I'm excited to be working with him on this show. The sheer number of times he's done this production and his enthusiasm to make each one an improvement upon the last, is inspiring. Luckily we were having a slow enough day that the crew got a chance to watch his process on the first actor. I thought I'd share these images with you. (Click each image for a larger version.)

AH 014 This is the first step using Alginate, which is what dentists use to do teeth impressions.  Note the actor's mouth is open for extra excitement.

AH 031After making a mother mold around the alginate, the actor is freed.

AH 039 Here, Steve preps the cast for travel back to his studio. He's filled it with clay and armature, but will do the final mold and latex head, including painting, gunshots, and hair.

This was far more fun than ordering guns, which I'm still working on...


Wow, there is so much that goes into production. Not always fun but the end result is what we look for. Thanks for the post

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