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Episode One -- Blogging Me, Blogging You...

posted by Stacy Ross on Wed, Jan 14, 2009
in Backstage buzz

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whoever: what're you working on next?
me: The vibrator play --
whoever: (giggling) that's a good one
me: yeah, it IS good one -- In the Next Room or the vibrator play...
whoever: oh, wait, really? i mean...(swallowing, clearing throat, usually looking downward)
                huh. is that uh, new?
me: yeah, it's the new one by Sarah's really cool
whoever: oh, great. that's good. huh. ...(reddening) is it really *about* vibrators?
me: well, there are vibrators in's not really *about* vibrators...
whoever: can't wait to see *that* one (giggling again)...heh heh...
                (stopping cold) hey, can you get me comps?

--sample of oft-repeated conversation since being cast in In the Next Room or the vibrator play by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Les Waters, winter 2009.
well this my first blog entry...
it's also my:
first time working with Les Waters
first time working with these fellow castmates.
first time in a play with 'vibrator' in the title...*
and i have to say -- so far so good!
we're nearing the end of the 2nd week
and after spending the first week around the table (with the playwright -- her clever and sweet self -- in attendance for a couple days)
we were ready to spend this week on our feet in a rehearsal room increasingly filled with Victoriana.
ah yes, vibrators and victoriana in THE SAME PLAY...
i'm at a loss as to how much i can tell you about the play itself, without marring the experience of discovering it for yourself...
les says it is, at heart, about intimacy, and of course he's right (just in case he reads this... ) -- 
it's also about discovery: of love, of sexuality, of electricity...
but what i like best about this play, and Sarah's writing, 
is that she is unafraid of the hopeful/happy ending & smart enough to pull it off.
okay -- more in a few days...
perhaps i'll start dishing the dirt on my castmates...and the director...and stage management...stay tuned
* i just remembered that i have been in a play with a vibrator in it....but not in the title.... ;-)


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