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Joe Turner Playlist

posted by Robert Sweibel on Fri, Nov 14, 2008
in At the theatre

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If you follow this blog regularly, you may have noticed that blogging was light this week. It's been busy at the Theatre: we very rarely have two shows opening so close together. The cast and crew of Joe Turner's Come and Gone are enjoying their first week post-opening, as across the way, in the Thrust, Mary Zimmerman's The Arabian Nights has been been gearing up for previews--the first of which was held last night.


For now, though, audiences have been really responding to Joe Turner--they've been quiet and thoughtful, yet laughing in all the right places. And everyone seems to really love the pre-show playlist compiled by our music director, Dwight Andrews. It's a great mix of blues and gospel that really sets the tone for the world of the show. The music is really great--I might even add a few of these to my personal playlist. I highly recommend you check them out.


Pre-show music:


Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues”
Charlie Patton / The Best of Charlie Patton


“Joe Turner”
Mississippi John Hurt / Memorial Anthology Vol.1


“12 Gates to the City”

Reverend Gary Davis


“My Jack Don’t Drink Water No More”

Shortstuff Macon / Classic Blues--Smithsonian Folkways (CBSF)


“Been in the Storm So Long”

Mary Pinckney / Classic African American Gospel from Smithsonian Folkways (CAAGGSF)


“Blow Gabriel”

Reverend Gary Davis


“Crossroads Blues”

Robert Johnson


“Clog Dance (Stomping Blues)”

Champion Jack Dupree / CBSF


“Shake It and Break It”

Charlie Patton / The Best of Charlie Patton


“Hallelujah, It Is Done”

Elizabeth Cotten / CAAGGSF


“If I Had My Way”

Reverend Gary Davis / There is No Eye


“High Water Everywhere”

Charlie Patton / The Best of Charlie Patton


Intermission playlist

“I Belong to The Band”

Reverend Gary Davis / Harlem Street Singer


“Black Woman”

Rich Amerson


“Jesus Going to Make up my Dying Bed”

Horace Sprott / CAAGSF


“Soon, One Mornin”

Willie Gresham  / CAAGSF


“Been in the Storm So Long”

Mary Pinckney / CAAGSF


“Low Down Death Right Easy”

Dock Reed / CAAGSF 


“Black Woman”

Vera Hall / CAAGSF



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