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An historic performance

posted by Megan Wygant on Wed, Nov 5, 2008
in At the theatre

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Last night, I'm assuming that you, like me, were glued to the TV and watching the election. However, at the theatre, there was a performance taking place -- the final preview for August Wilson's play, Joe Turner's Come and Gone.

After each performance, the stage manager creates a performance report that is emailed to all members of the staff. This report keeps us all on the same page about what happened during any particular performance -- including the show's exact run time, info on any injuries or illnesses, or acting and technical notes which require attention. There is also a field at the bottom called "special notes," which encompasses the truly unusual, and is often left blank.  

Here was stage manager Cynthia Cahill's final note in last night's performance report: 

An historic evening everyone! As Obama was making his acceptance speech tonight, Dan Hiatt (as Selig) was onstage talking about how his Grandfather and his Father used to bring slaves over from Africa, and how they used to find runaway slaves for the plantation owners, and I looked over at Obama on TV and looked down at Dan on the stage and was so struck by the contrast and by how profound this day is for the history of America, and I felt privileged to witness it, this evolution of our society. Happy Day.



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