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1,001 Instruments

posted by Robyn Bykofsky on Thu, Nov 20, 2008
in From the booth

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The Arabian Nights is unique in that there are absolutely no pre-recorded sounds. All of the sound effects and music are comprised of live instruments from around the world. In order to enhance the quality of the music in the most transparent way, the sound department hung eight microphones from the catwalk and in the ceiling above the stage.

1,001 instruments are used--or, at least, it feels that way when the stage crew is meticulously and strategically pre-setting these music-making devices. The show begins with a high-energy bang rhythmic beating on djembes (a West African hand drum) that are joined a by a tambourine, then clave, followed by a cow bell, a darbuka (goblet drum), a bodrahm, shakere, and many more.  (If you do not know what these are – don’t worry – I’ll spotlight a few each week.)

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I can only imagine a set up like this. It takes a lot to make a show and make sure its gonna run right. Thanks for the post

Photographer in San Diego | Tue, Sep 14, 2010

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