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Welcome to the world of Company Management!

posted by Jamie Caplan on Fri, Oct 17, 2008
in At the theatre

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 On weeks like this, it's all about the coffee.

I'm the company management intern here this year, which keeps me busy with lots of different tasks, one of them being arranging the travel and housing of our out-of-town actors and helping to plan and execute our first rehearsals for every show.

It is quite eventful around here these days, what with two shows in rehearsal, one of which is rehearsing offsite for the next two weeks. How busy, you ask? Let me answer that:

Day 1 (Monday, October 13) began at the office at 9:30 am, prepping to pick up the company for The Arabian Nights at the airport. Over the course of the day, we went to the airport four times to greet the actors, drive them to their housing, and make sure all their concerns were met and their questions were answered. Beforehand, I had made signs that said “Arabian Nights – Berkeley Rep” so the actors would recognize us.

Thankfully, the whole day went smoothly. You wouldn’t think it would be so exhausting just to drive around all day, but by the end of the day (about 9:30 pm), we were beat. And it wasn’t time to stop yet...

Because Day 2 (Tuesday, October 14) was even busier, beginning at 7:30 am this time. I drove around Berkeley in our trusty company van -- we call it Lola -- to pick up food and drinks for our official first rehearsal, and the company "meet & greet." We then set up all the food, made a TON of coffee, ran around to set everything up, and then celebrated when it was all over. Oh yeah, and in between we attended the introduction of the show by the director and the first read-through of the script, which was so enjoyable. It was a great experience for me to be able to sit-in on the read-through because I loved hearing the script I had read over a month ago come to life. It was also fun to see the actors I had just met act in this great play. We then shuttled the actors to the rehearsal venue and back again and finally ended our day at around 7:30 pm.

And now...the actors' boxes have just arrived, shipped from all over the country. So I'm off: it's time to deliver thei stuff to their housing in San Francisco!


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