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posted by Terence Keane on Fri, Oct 24, 2008
in At the theatre

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We're always looking for ways to let our audience peek behind the scenes -- and to help you understand how many people it actually takes to put on a show. So, even before we had this blog, we had staff photo day.

Staff PHOTO Day?


Around here, those words are spoken with a particular emphasis. Some people dread them. Some people get excited. Some people speak them with disdain. Others spend all year dreaming up kooky ideas.

Run, Tofu, run! Every fall, we ask each department to pose for a picture. We suggest coming up with a theme that makes the shot fun to look at it, while also telling us a little bit about what that team contributes to the theatre. Then we post the photos in the lobby for everyone to see.

So I just spent the entire day on the Roda stage while our faithful photographer, Kevin Berne, snapped pictures of all my co-workers.

Sit, Tofu.This year the staff had a lot of fun ideas. But my favorite pictures came when Tofu, our box office mascot, ran wild while his co-workers set up for their photo. (Those stockings, by the way, belong to Christina Cone, our webmaster.)

Run, Tofu, run!

Thanks to Kevin for donating his time. To check out more of his work, visit


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