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In between days

posted by Margaret Whitaker on Thu, Sep 25, 2008
in Costume shop

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It's a gray day outside, or at least I assume based on it being a gray morning, and I am lurking at my desk. We are in between shows right now, not only in between the opening of Yellowjackets and the start of rehearsal for Joe Turner's Come and Gone, but also in between the prep for both Joe and The Arabian Nights, which we will be working on simultaneously. 

Right now, I am working on renting costumes for Joe Turner. Primarily this entails sending a rental packet out to various theatres and getting boxes back filled with lovely things. Currently we are waiting for packages from Oregon Shakes, costume rentals at the Guthrie, and Odds in New York. I have already pulled some marvelous garments from ACT and they now rest in a holding state.

Now, you may ask why so much renting? Well, because the design for this show requires the clothes to have a sense of age and authenticity. To make that happen, it makes sense to find clothes that, well... are old and have some wear built into them. It can be a challenge to take built pieces and weave them in with these rented pieces, but the craftsperson will work to age the built pieces so they fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of the show. 

I have also ordered a TON of shoes from Zappos. Tons. Granny boots, men's worky boots, all manner of boots. In the immortal words of Kelly, "Oh my god, Shoes!"

*theses shoes rule*

Soooooooo, now I wait. Wait for boxes, and boxes, and boxes to arrive. 


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